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Seminar Details

This 3-hour seminar is designed to help members of a Customer Service Team execute service in a consistent and award-winning manner.  The goals and learning objectives are:

Define customer service
Provide a system to improve customer satisfaction
Establish a new approach to delivering customer service

We recommend this seminar to front-line customer service providers and their supervisors, managers and the team they support.  Excellent for retail, call center and member-based environements.

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Satisfaction Ratings of Participants
5-point scale

Pace of Class - 4.3

Helpfullness of Materials - 4.7
Effectiveness of Facilitator - 4.8
Overall Satisfaction - 4.8
100% of participants say the class Met Their Expectations
94% of participants say they will Refer This Class to Others


"I enjoyed your perspective!" - Janel, Stylist for 6 years

"Very good seminar, thank you very much!" - Nashville Nail Tech for 15 years

"Great energy, great at encouraging feedback." - Nashville Participant

"It was nice to have a reminder to strengthen my customer service skills!" - Melissa, Aesthetician for 5 years

"Extremely helpful.  I will feel more confident handling clients and complaints.  Thanks for the pointers!" - Nashville Retail Manager

"Thank you so much!  It was great, you are very knowledgeable and I would love to come to another seminar." - Stylist for 1 year

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